Secret Escapades of a Gay Gigolo

Escorts and Attitudes

Part of being an escort is working with clients of all shapes and sizes. Though it may not always be easy, I think it’s very important to make any client feel sexually desirable. They need to feel that you are completely accepting of what they look like and that you truly want to be with them. Deep down inside they probably know you are with them for the money. However, you don’t need to do or say anything to remind them of that harsh reality. Part of escorting is acting to provide the client with a fantasy. An escort’s job isn’t to remind the client of any faults that they may have. I’m sure they are well aware of their faults and have the real world to remind them of that as well.

Last night I was with a regular client of mine, Dennis. He is close to 100 lbs over weight and is very self conscious of having those extra unnecessary pounds. After we had sex we chatted for a bit. Through our conversation I realized that I have a number of regular clients who are obese and all have had a very similar experience with an escort at one time or another.

These obese clients have all hired at least one young hot looking muscular escort with a very bad attitude. Their experiences were all pretty much the same. Before meeting the escort, each client asked the escort if they were OK being with a client who was extremely overweight. Each escort said that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Once the escort showed up, their attitude changed. My clients all said that their escorts seemed not to be okay with being with someone who was obese. The escorts came across as though the clients were extremely lucky that they even bothered to show up. Once the escorts took off their clothes, stood there to be admired for a long period of time.

These escorts did not try to make their clients feel engaged at all. They allowed their clients to feel their muscular body and to give them a blow job. The escort wouldn’t allow any sort kissing, perform oral sex, anal sex, etc. Clients who I know who have had this experience said that they couldn’t wait to pay the escort off so that he could just leave. Needless to say, these clients felt that is was their appearance that turned the escort off and made the escort not want to have anything to do with the them.

I personnally know a few people who are extremely overweight and constantly struggle with weight issues. As a result, I think I’m very sensitive towards over weight people. When I have a client who is extremely overweight, I have an idea of how self conscious they probably are about their weight. I think the last thing they want from me is giving off a negative vibe towards them. That’s not what they are paying for.

I think they are paying for a small piece of time to escape reality. When I’m with clients who are heavy, I do my best to make them feel sexually desirable. I communicate with them to discover what their sexual desires are and do my best provide them with what they want. The last thing I want to do is make the client feel as though they should be honored to be with me. Hiring an escort isn’t cheap. I want all my clients to know how grateful I am for scheduling with me. I also want to always make the client feel as though that the money they spent on me was more than worth it.

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