Secret Escapades of a Gay Gigolo

Escorts and Attitudes

Part of being an escort is working with clients of all shapes and sizes. Though it may not always be easy, I think it’s very important to make any client feel sexually desirable. They need to feel that you are completely accepting of what they look like and that you truly want to be with them. Deep down inside they probably know you are with them for the money. However, you don’t need to do or say anything to remind them of that harsh reality. Part of escorting is acting to provide the client with a fantasy. An escort’s job isn’t to remind the client of any faults that they may have. I’m sure they are well aware of their faults and have the real world to remind them of that as well.

Last night I was with a regular client of mine, Dennis. He is close to 100 lbs over weight and is very self conscious of having those extra unnecessary pounds. After we had sex we chatted for a bit. Through our conversation I realized that I have a number of regular clients who are obese and all have had a very similar experience with an escort at one time or another.

These obese clients have all hired at least one young hot looking muscular escort with a very bad attitude. Their experiences were all pretty much the same. Before meeting the escort, each client asked the escort if they were OK being with a client who was extremely overweight. Each escort said that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Once the escort showed up, their attitude changed. My clients all said that their escorts seemed not to be okay with being with someone who was obese. The escorts came across as though the clients were extremely lucky that they even bothered to show up. Once the escorts took off their clothes, stood there to be admired for a long period of time.

These escorts did not try to make their clients feel engaged at all. They allowed their clients to feel their muscular body and to give them a blow job. The escort wouldn’t allow any sort kissing, perform oral sex, anal sex, etc. Clients who I know who have had this experience said that they couldn’t wait to pay the escort off so that he could just leave. Needless to say, these clients felt that is was their appearance that turned the escort off and made the escort not want to have anything to do with the them.

I personnally know a few people who are extremely overweight and constantly struggle with weight issues. As a result, I think I’m very sensitive towards over weight people. When I have a client who is extremely overweight, I have an idea of how self conscious they probably are about their weight. I think the last thing they want from me is giving off a negative vibe towards them. That’s not what they are paying for.

I think they are paying for a small piece of time to escape reality. When I’m with clients who are heavy, I do my best to make them feel sexually desirable. I communicate with them to discover what their sexual desires are and do my best provide them with what they want. The last thing I want to do is make the client feel as though they should be honored to be with me. Hiring an escort isn’t cheap. I want all my clients to know how grateful I am for scheduling with me. I also want to always make the client feel as though that the money they spent on me was more than worth it.

Tickle Me Elmo

In earlier posts I had mentioned that being an escort has pushed me to do things that I wouldn’t do. In January Iwas contacted by a potential client, Terry, who has a tickle fetish. He wanted to know if I’m ticklish and would I mind being tied up and tickled? I never considered myself very ticklish and never had an interest in a session where was involved.After about a day thinking of Terry’s request,  I thought I could probably fake being tickled. The only thing that bothered me was being tied up. I wasn’t too sure if being tied up by a stranger was a smart thing to do. However, I’ve been tied up by a few clients in the past and everything was fine. I emailed him back and said that I am ticklish, I don’t mind being tied up, and I looked forward to playing with him. Terry responded and told me that he would contact me as soon as he had the opportunity to schedule a session. In his email he also included a very detailed description of a tickle session he had with another escort. Terry asked me to read it and if I wanted to change my mind and not have the session, he would understand. Terry’s description of his tickle session with the escort was 5 pages long. While reading it, I became very aroused and finding myself wanting very much to be that escort that he was tickling. Below is a small excerpt from Terry’s 5 page description of his session with the escort.

I brought out two long feathers. One was a very soft pheasant feather with a pointed tip. The other was a white goose feather with a sharper edge. Each was over a foot and a half long. I paused and silently moved back in front of him, standing back between his legs.Then, I began stroking his torso with the full length of both feathers. I ran them up and down his body, letting them dance in random patterns across his pits, sides, inner thighs, nipples, and arms. I could tell he was enjoying the treatment. He groaned and writhed, letting his body reach up to meet the stroking feathers. I ran them around the side of his balls and seesawed them across his cock head. I spent some time stroking his hard cock with them. Soon, he was in a blissful state of erotically charged tension, waiting for the next delicious stroke across his skin.

I pumped some lubricant into my hand and began stroking his cock while opening up and lubricating his hole. His muscular ass was warm and welcomed my fingers inside; letting me wet him with slimy lubricant. I stroked his cock as I finger fucked him, then rolled a condom on and slid inside.

What a hot muscle butt! I varied the speed and depth of my strokes, gradually building up the pace. All the while I stoked his cock and tickled his balls, edging him closer.

"You better stop stroking that cock or I’ll cum!" he said.

"Okay," was my only response, as I withdrew my hand. I kept fucking him and tickling his balls, increasing to an ass-pounding pace.

"Wow, my body feels so confused. I am being tickled and fucked at the same time." I held onto one leg as I rode him, continuing to tease his balls with my free hand.

Since January, Terry had emailed me a few times to let me know that he was still interested in a tickle session with me. Last week, Terry emailed me again and said he wanted to schedule the session for the following Monday night at my place. 

As Monday approached, I started to get a little nervous.  I didn’t like the fact that a stranger was going to come to my house and tie me up. Who knows what could happen?  What if Terry was some sort of tickle expert and found a way to tickle me to the point that was unbearable for me to endure? Perhaps he didn’t have the ability to tickle me at all, I would then have to fake it? If I did fake it, would Terry know? Yikes!!! This tickle session began to sound a bit complicated. However, business had been very slow lately and I wasn’t going to turn away a client who probably was harmless.

On Monday night Terry called and said he was running a little late and was on his way. Once he arrived, he seemed very business like. He immediately paid me my fee and got out his equipment to tie me up. Once he tied me up, I noticed that if I wanted to break away, it wouldn’t of been all that difficult. He then began to softly run his fingers gently all over my naked body. My body began to tingle and I seemed to want more of what he had to offer.

He then started to explore my body to search for areas that seemed to be ticklish. I chuckled a little, but didn’t feel ticklish at all. As he started to tickle the bottom of my feet, I noticed a quick change in my response. My chuckles got stronger. I thought, “So, I am ticklish after all, I just didn’t know where.” Terry picked up on the change of my response. He immediately began to focus on the bottom of my feet and began to tickle me intensely. My laughter quickly increased and I found that I enjoyed being tickled. All I could now think about was the Tickle Me Elmo doll and how I didn’t understand what the big deal was that everyone just had to have one. Isn’t it funny the sort of things that just randomly pop into our heads sometimes? Fortunately, I’m not the type of person that being tickled becomes unbearable. 

Once Terry discovered my tickle spot, he seemed determined to find other areas of my body that were ticklish as well. Though he tried, there weren’t any other areas of my body that were very ticklish. However, I didn’t want all his hard work in searching for areas of my body that were ticklish to go to waste, so I decided to fake my response. I pretended that I was being tickled. The more I pretended, the more I got into faking being tickled. I seemed to of done a good job convincing Terry that he was tickling me. I noticed his cock became very erect.

For some strange reason my cock had been erect for a while already. I think I was more excited about being tied up than being tickled. Regardless, Terry noticed my stiff cock and took it into his hands. He started to lightly stroke it and then began to stroke it harder and faster. Within a few minutes I shot a nice big load. He kept me tied up, stood over me, and started stroking his cock. After about a minute, he shot his load all over my face, chest, and stomach. He seemed happy and began to gather all his belongings. As he left, he thanked me for engaging in his fetish and said that I responded to being tickled better than what he had hopped for.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, through escorting I’ve tried things that I wouldn’t of had tried otherwise. The things I’ve tried aren’t dangerous, they are just things I’ve never thought of or had no interest in doing. Being tickled for almost an hour was one of those things. To me it seemed kind of silly that someone would pay to tickle me and then jack me off. However, that’s just my opinion. To Terry, paying for that type of session was obviously worth it to him

Compliments from Clients

I’ve been told over the years that I’m a good looking guy, but never considered myself all that attractive. When I do get compliments about my looks, I always thank the person very much. Afterwards, I’ll look in a mirror and notice every little flaw in my face and wonder how others can’t see what I see. I often hear that guys that feel confident in their looks are often attracted to guys who look similar to themselves. I’m definitely not one of those guys. I tend to be attracted to guys who look nothing like me at all.

Before I began escorting I wasn’t sure if guys would find me attractive enough to even want to hire me. My other fear was that I was too old to even be considered to be hired by a potential client. I must say that escorting has definitely helped with my self-esteem and made me realize that my age doesn’t always get in the way of my ability to escort.

In the past two weeks I’ve had an unusually high amount of new clients. Of course I’m always thrilled to acquire new clients. However, I’m also very nervous meeting new clients. My biggest fear is when they first open the door and see me in person. I’m worried that they won’t find me attractive. This fear mainly stems from one new client I had when I first began escorting. When I arrived at this new client’s hotel room, he informed me that I didn’t look like my pictures. He then gave me half of my fee and asked me to leave. I was dumbfounded. My pictures were only two months old and I thought was very representative of who I looked like. My pictures weren’t done at a studio by a professional photographer so I really didn’t understand where his comment was coming from.

Unfortunately his comment has stuck with me and I still worry that my experience with him will one day be repeated with another new client. Since I’ve had mostly new clients this past two weeks, I thought the chances of someone claiming that I didn’t look like my pictures may happen again. However, that hasn’t been the case at all. All my new clients were very complimentary and that always makes me feel really good. What I mostly hear from new clients in general is that I’m very handsome with a very masculine look.

Once I’ve begun a play session with a client, they will usually comment on how happy they are to have hired me. Since I already have a boyfriend, I don’t see too many guys outside of my escorting. Therefore, I rarely get many compliments. Getting compliments from my clients always makes me feel great. I know there are many escorts that have better looking bodies and are far more attractive than myself. I also don’t think a client is under no obligation to give me any compliments at all. They are still going to get the best service that I could give with or without a compliment. So when I do get nice compliments from clients, I feel that they are sincere.

Last night I was with a new client, Tim, who was very complimentary. Tim emailed me and stated he wanted to get fucked and fisted. He also asked if that was something I could get into. As long as I’m not being fisted, I thought of course I could get into it. I haven’t fisted anyone in a long time, but thought how difficult could it be shoving my fist up someone’s ass? I did attend a workshop once that included a live fisting demonstration. Drawing upon my fisting experiences and that workshop, I felt I would be okay.

As I knocked on Tim’s door, the same thought ran through my mind again. “What if he doesn’t find me attractive and asks me to leave?” Tim turned out to be an attractive looking slender guy who was probably just a few years older than myself. Once he saw me, there was a big smile upon his face. I knew at that moment everything was going to be okay. We began with lots of body contact and my favorite thing to do, kissing. Before we went any further he told me that he had been looking forward to seeing me all day. Now that I was with him, he went on to say that he was very happy he hired me. He also said that he found me to be very attractive and sensuous.

After some heavy body contact and mutual sucking, I decided it was time to prepare his man hole to be fisted. He said that it had been a few months since he was last fisted. I lubed up his hole, topped him a bit, then used a few dildos to open and relax his hole. With me preparing his hole and him using poppers, he felt as though he was ready to get fisted. I put on a glove and slowly worked each finger in his hole. Once I got all of my fingers in there, I curved my hand a bit and slowly slid it on in. As I was sliding my hand in, I explored his hole carefully to find the area where I could go deeper. Once I found the right spot, I went in further and was able to go all the way in up to my wrist. It felt good having my fist in his hole. I’m always amazed to see a guy’s hand go inside another guy’s ass. After I found the right spot and pushed in just a bit more, Tim cam right away. After showering, Tim thanked me again, said he had a great time, and tipped me $40.

I’ve found that one of the benefits of escorting is that it has helped to build my self-esteem. It always makes me feel good when a client lets me know that he found me very attractive, had a good time, and that he was happy that he hired me.

Escorting and Having a Boyfriend

I’ve had several readers ask questions about my life outside of escorting. The primary purpose of this blog is for me to share my experiences and insights as an escort. As far as I know, only three people inn my life know that I escort. However, they have little interest in listening to details about my escorting experiences. Therefore, writing this blog gives me the opportunity to write about and share my experiences as an escort with readers who are interested.

One question that has been frequently asked is, ” Do you have a boyfriend and if so, how does having a boyfriend and escorting work for you?” I do have a boyfriend and I’ve been with him for over 3 years now. As I mentioned in my first post, he was the one who actually suggested that escorting could be a good source of income for me.

When he first suggested it, I thought the idea sounded a bit far fetched. Though I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been, I thought who is going to hire an escort who is well into their 40’s? He convinced me that I’m in good shape, attractive, and that there would be a market for me.  I told him that I didn’t know the first thing about getting into escorting and had no idea of what it would be like. He then informed me that he had escorted a few years before meeting me and that he could help me get started. “Wow!, my hot looking boyfriend who is into geeky stuff was an escort at one time.” I thought I knew everything about him, apparently I was wrong. I remember not being upset about finding out he was an escort. The thought of guys paying to have sex with him and he now having sex with me for free was very arousing. 

Since we do have an open relationship, my boyfriend didn’t have a problem with me becoming an escort. Once I began escorting he didn’t seem to mind me sharing my sexual experiences that I had with my clients with him. If the situation were reversed, I know I wouldn’t had been be so open-minded

There had been a couple of problems though. The biggest problem was how I handled the business side of escorting. The problems there were how I dealt with pricing and boundaries with my clients. I tend to be a bit too generous, accommodating, and I’m not always consistent. I think it’s great to have established guidelines to follow. However, I also believe that based upon who the client is and what his circumstances are, I may have to be flexible with my guidelines. When he was escorting he was more rigid and stuck to his established guidelines.  A few months ago there was an issue that involved pricing. We disagreed on the issue. Since then I now share very little about the business side of escorting. I still share the experiences I have with clients. However, I don’t think he is all that interested in hearing about them.

The other problem I’ve encountered about having a boyfriend and escorting is that escorting interrupts a lot of our personal time together. Unfortunately guys can’t always schedule in advance the exact day and time they will be horny. As a result there are plenty of times we are out for the evening and I’ll get a call from a client who wants to see me ASAP. I know I have the option to decline the client’s request. However, I also know that if I do decline, the client won’t wait for a day and time that is more convenient for me. They will simply get back on the phone and continue down the listing site until they find an escort who will say will accept their request to see them immediately. When I get these calls, I almost always take them and have to cut our evening out short. I feel bad cutting the evening short, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to earn at least $200. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend is very understanding when get these phone calls from clients.

There is a couple of big pluses about escorting that benefits my boyfriend and myself. I seem to have a much higher sex drive than him. I seem to be horny almost every night and throughout the day. Escorting provides a great outlet to take care of my sexual appetite and relieves him of some of the pressure of always having to have sex with me. I’m also very adventurous when it comes to sex. I enjoy a variety of sex play and am always open to trying something new. I’m both excited and nervous when a client is into something that I may have not tried before. Escorting has given me the opportunity to try things that I probably wouldn’t had done otherwise. I’m also very verbal and enjoy role play. My boyfriend isn’t verbal, doesn’t enjoy role play, and has a limit to what he enjoys sexually. Escorting allows me to explore and practice other things I like to do sexually that he prefers not to do.

Luckily for me my boyfriend understands that escorting is a job that just happens to involve sex. I’m sure plenty of guys would have a difficult time dealing with a boyfriend who was an escort . I know if my boyfriend was still escorting, it would bother me. Though I do connect with many of my clients and care about them very much, I’ve never fallen in love with a client. I’m already in love with my boyfriend and he knows that.  




One of my favorite songs on the radio right now is Katy Perry’s Firework. I came across this video done by hunky frat boys who are lip-syncing to her song. These hunks attend the University of Arkansas and have done a great job expressing their love to Katy Perry.

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